Anton Bonnici

ANTON BONNICI is a Paris-based writer, educator, and theatre maker who has been a keen student of literature and the performing arts since his formative years.

Anton is the Co-Artistic Director of the Paris Fringe International Theatre Festival and the founder of Of Potters’ Demons, an international, collaborative research and creativity lab focused on text, image, and performance. Since 2018, he has been teaching Writing for the Stage, a private, anglophone creative writing course for the theatre designed by himself. Besides his theatre work, Anton serves as Principal of  EIB – The Victor Hugo School, Paris (Grenelle site) and has worked as a Human Rights Educator for the Council of Europe (2002-2005). Anton holds an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Criticism (2012) and a Bachelor of Psychology with studies in Anthropology (2004), both from the University of Malta.

Anton’s internationally staged plays include Quasar Blues (Paris Fringe, 2016), Pornotopia (performed under the working titles Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful and Listen, I’m Dying at various venues in Moscow and Paris from 2017 to the present), and Criminals! (Camden Fringe, London, 2018). He has made occasional appearances as a film actor, including non-speaking and speaking roles in short arthouse films and a performance as featured extra (zombie) in the Brad Pitt feature, World War Z (2011). Anton’s current creative and academic interests are playwriting craft and methodology, studies in the British dramatic movement of In-Yer-Face Theatre, and experiments with his own style of theatre making, which he describes as Text Theatre.

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