Past Lectures, Conferences & Seminars

PICT Honorary Lectures

PICT Honorary Lectures feature guest speakers who are prominent and well-regarded researchers in their fields. The Honorary Lecture format gives these speakers an opportunity to communicate their research on a popular, accessible level. For this reason, Honorary Lectures are often more general than other PICT lecture formats.

I: Matisse and Islamic Art
II. Identity Politics: A Fanonian Critique
III: The Eiffel Tower: A Landlocked Lighthouse for Paris
IV: Wittgenstein and the History of Philosophy

PICT Faculty Lectures

PICT Faculty Lectures feature speakers who are instructors of full-length, 18-hour PICT courses. These speakers are usually in the early stages of their career, and the Faculty Lecture format gives them a chance to introduce their research to a broader audience. For this reason, Faculty Lectures are often more in-depth than other PICT lecture formats.

I: Søren Kierkegaard and French Philosophy
II: Ingmar Bergman Across the Disciplines
III: Nietzsche and his Posthumous Friends
IV: The Tale of a Medieval Heresy
V: Spydentity Politics
VI: Subversive Selves

PICT Visiting Lectures

PICT Visiting Lectures feature guest speakers who join the ranks of PICT on a one-off basis. The main aim of the Visiting Lecture format is to broaden the horizons of PICT, which means the speakers usually focus on topics not commonly found at PICT. For this reason, Visiting Lectures are often more experimental than other PICT lecture formats.

I: Nourishing Your Cells
II: Enlightening the City of Light
III: 150 Years of Thirst: The Wallace Fountains of Paris

PICT Seminars & Conferences

Critical Thought in and Beyond the University
Critical Conversations on the Neurosciences

PICT Book Talks

I: Book Talk by Jonathan Rée