Beau Davis Releases Music Video

On 13 February 2023, PICT’s very own Beau Davis released his first music video, “OKAY.” The video signals the launch of Beau’s audio-visual project, “It Is Okay.”

As summarized on the video’s YouTube page, “the clip seems to gently mock the arty clips that want to be trendy while constantly oscillating between absurdity and seriousness, between dream and reality, between pop and hipster music.” Following a DIY ethos, the clip was directed by Yassine Wietrich, produced by Nathanael Miric, and edited by Wietrich, Miric, and Davis himself. As per the YouTube summary, “Two friends, a camera and a few neon lights were enough to give life to the mental madness of the artist.”

Beau Davis has served as PICT’s audio-visual assistant since our institute started producing its first podcasts. It was under Beau’s guidance that PICT’s podcasts attained various accolades, including the #1 spot on FeedSpot’s list of “15 Best Paris Podcasts worth listening to in 2023”; the #15 spot on FeedSpot’s global list of “30 Best Critical Thinking Podcasts”; and mentions by universities such as CUNY, Harvard, Kent, Oxford, and Vigo. Beau also serves as the instructor for PICT’s Music Atelier for Children.

We congratulate Beau on behalf of the entire PICT team on what is surely just the beginning of a fascinating musical career!