The Humanities Require a Human Touch!

All PICT courses and events are held in person. Unlike most institutions of higher and further education, we reject online teaching on principle, since we believe it cannot be an adequate substitute for the communities of critical and creative thinking that emerge in the seminar room. To find out more about our stance, please check out our 2021 Manifesto.

We reach out to our online community with offerings such as our family of podcast series headed by our flagship podcast, PICT Voices; our blog, The Faculty Lounge; and our critical journal, dePICTions. We want our outreach to respond to your current concerns, so please contact us with any and all ideas for future podcasts and other online content.

Whether online or in person, we are a community at PICT, and we thank you for your participation and support wherever you may be.

In Solidarity,

Your PICT Team