Creative Writing Workshop

PICT will be sponsoring a two-day intensive Creative Writing Workshop from Friday, May 31, to Saturday, June 1, 2019. The first day, devoted to fiction, will be taught by Amal Chatterjee, while the second day, devoted to poetry, will be taught by Jane Draycott. Apart from being award-winning authors in their own right, Chatterjee and Draycott also serve as creative writing tutors at the University of Oxford. The workshop will be organized by poet, editor, and translator Stephanie Papa (Université Paris 13). Novice and experienced writers alike are welcome to participate!


Day 1
Fiction workshop with Amal Chatterjee
In a group led by award-winning author and creative writing tutor Amal Chatterjee, participants will be encouraged to start on a new piece of fiction or develop one already in progress, working towards an original story by focusing on narrative elements such as plot, theme, character, situations, and scenes.

Day 2
Poetry workshop with Jane Draycott
Under the supervision of award-winning poet and creative writing tutor Jane Draycott, participants will spend a challenging and stimulating day devoted to poetry, with writing exercises aimed at producing drafts for new poems and the opportunity to solicit group input on works in progress.


Please note that registration for the workshop is now complete, and all seats have been taken.


Friday, May 31 – Saturday, June 1


5 Rue Perrée
75003 Paris