How is PICT funded?

As many of you are aware, PICT is an independent, non-profit institution. It was established on zero budget with no external aid, and is fully run by volunteers who dedicate their time, energy, and intellect to the cause of spreading critical thinking. The only income PICT derives is from membership fees, voluntary donations, and course tuition fees.

PICT passes on the majority of course tuition fees directly to its course instructors, without whom the courses would not exist. Many of our instructors come to Paris from abroad just to teach a PICT course, using the tuition fees to cover travel and accommodation costs. They are motivated by the desire to share their knowledge and ideas rather than the expectation of major financial gain.

In order to make courses affordable, we charge 415 EUR per participant for an 18-hour course, which amounts to just around 20 EUR per participant per hour. This makes PICT courses more affordable than, for instance, most language courses. PICT courses are only opened if they have enrollment, which means the more people enroll, the more courses we can offer, and the more compensation each instructor receives.

PICT is registered with the French state as a provider of continued professional education. Therefore, employees in France can ask their employers to reimburse them for PICT tuition fees. Such employers can be private companies, but in the past, we have also welcomed high school teachers and Ph.D. students who were reimbursed by their schools and universities for taking a PICT course.