PICT Faculty Lectures III

The Paris Institute for Critical Thinking (PICT) and the Goethe-Institut Paris cordially invite you to “Nietzsche and his Posthumous Friends,” a talk delivered by PICT visiting faculty member Willow Verkerk as part of the PICT Faculty Lectures series!

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote for free spirits and for future philosophers, friends that he hoped would inherit his ideas and recreate them, thereby making them their own. Integral to Nietzsche’s project of friendship is the pursuit of philosophical honesty. This means that readers of his texts must be willing to engage agonistically with his thinking to challenge his beliefs as well as their own. Examining Nietzsche’s concepts of friendship and love as well as his critiques of reading and writing, this talk will pursue the following questions: What does thinking well mean to Nietzsche? And who are Nietzsche’s posthumous friends?

The event is free and open to the public.


Thursday, January 31, 8pm


Goethe-Institut Paris
17 avenue d’Iéna 75016 Paris