PICT Faculty Lectures IV

We are happy to announce the 4th event in our PICT Faculty Lectures series: “The Tale of a Medieval Heresy: A Philosophical Pleonasm,” a talk delivered by visiting faculty member Kristof K. P. Vanhoutte and hosted by the Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre!

What is a heresy, and who can be considered a heretic? We probably all have a pretty clear idea on the topic, but how appropriate is our contemporary and general understanding of these terms? To answer these questions, Dr. Vanhoutte will highlight an almost completely forgotten medieval sect with its own brand of philosophical heresy. Combining a historical analysis of this sect, mainly active in Northern Europe, with an “archeological” approach to the concept of philosophy itself, the talk will argue that the sect has more to tell us about ourselves and our own concepts of heresy than about the past. In fact, more than anything, the analysis of this medieval sect demonstrates that studying the past is an integral part of understanding ourselves in the present.

The talk is free and open to the public.


Wednesday, February 13, 8pm


Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre
9 A Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris