PICT Faculty Mathilde Handelsman Releases Debut Album

PICT warmly congratulates visiting faculty member and pianist Mathilde Handelsman on her first album! Entitled Claude Debussy: Images, the album was released by Sheva Collection on September 25, 2019.

Recorded in France on a 1875 Steinway, the album features all of Debussy’s piano works from 1903 to 1907, namely Estampes, Images, and a collection of shorter pieces. Starting with Estampes in 1903, Debussy’s style of writing for piano experienced a considerable development. He found a new voice, one which allowed all his disparate influences to shine through in his music: poetry, Symbolism, painting, Asian art… “As a pianist,” Mathilde states, “I sensed a common thread among these pieces, a unity pervading this period. Before I could intellectualize it, it was a feeling under my fingers.”

Mathilde’s upcoming PICT course, Avant-Garde Music in Post-WWII Europe, starts in December 2019. Enrollment is open now, and we hope to welcome all music enthusiasts there!