PICT Hosts Creative Writing Workshop with Oxford Instructors

From May 31 to June 1, 2019, PICT organized a two-day intensive Creative Writing Workshop taught by Amal Chatterjee and Jane Draycott, award-winning authors and creative writing tutors at the University of Oxford.

Day 1, devoted to fiction, began with a morning session at the storied Parisian bookstore, Shakespeare & Company, before moving on to the Mairie du 3e arrondissement, where PICT is domiciled as a non-profit association. The Mairie du 3e also served as the venue for day 2 of the workshop, devoted to poetry. On both days, novice and experienced writers gathered from 10am to 5pm, presenting and discussing their work in a challenging and supportive atmosphere as well as engaging in writing exercises designed to expand their creative and artistic horizons.

Thanks to the positive interest and feedback generated by the event, we are happy to announce that the Creative Writing Workshop with Jane Draycott and Amal Chatterjee is now part of PICT’s regular program each semester. Watch this space for the dates of the workshop’s next session in Fall 2019!