PICT Humanities Program Goes Free!

From Spring 2023 onwards, PICT’s entire humanities program will be absolutely free for our members—this includes courses, children’s ateliers, and tours!

PICT’s humanities program allows our faculty to share and discuss their work with a broad, interested public. With no prerequisites, grades, or diplomas, our in-person courses only attract participants with a passionate interest in the topics. These topics, in turn, serve as inspiration for PICT’s online, open-access publications, podcasts, and videos, from which the global PICT community benefits for free.

After slashing enrollment fees for our humanities program by half in Fall 2022, we are proud to announce that from Spring 2023, the entire program will be absolutely free for all our members! We can only take this remarkable step thanks to the support of our members, whose monthly contributions ensure that we can continue to compensate our teaching faculty for their efforts.

Our new, free humanities program will launch in Spring 2023 with a select number of offerings. This number (as well as faculty remuneration) will grow as more members join our community, just as PICT’s online, open-access library of resources keeps growing each month, once again thanks to our members’ support. Finally, our creative writing program will also go free as soon as membership numbers allow.

As a non-profit, fully volunteer-run institution that accepts no funding from state or corporate sponsors, we couldn’t be more proud of our members and what they have helped PICT become: a global platform for critical thinking, enabled by community support to offer a full program in the humanities and arts, ranging from in-person courses and lectures to online podcasts and journals, all for free!

If you would like to join our community and lend your strength to our cause, please consider becoming a member too—PICT membership starts from 3 euros a month!

In Solidarity,

Your PICT Team