PICT in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

On Wednesday, 18 May 2022, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), a leading German daily newspaper, featured an article devoted to the PICT publication, “The Real Academy in Exile.”

An investigative exposé on academic clique formation, “The Real Academy in Exile” appeared on the PICT blog, The Faculty Lounge, on 19 November 2021. The exposé was co-authored by PICT core faculty members David Selim Sayers and Evrim Emir-Sayers and published under the former’s name. The FAZ article, entitled “Flucht als akademisches Geschäftsmodell?” (“Escape as an Academic Business Model?”) and written by Thomas Thiel, Research and Teaching Editor at the FAZ, features an extensive analysis and discussion of “The Real Academy in Exile,” offering substantial independent corroboration of the PICT exposé’s central claims.

NOTE: On 13 July 2022, the FAZ published another article, entitled “Wiedergutmachung für Erdogan” (Compensation for Erdogan), authored by historian Stefan Plaggenborg (University of Bochum) and further corroborating key findings of “The Real Academy in Exile.”

Oysa zübüklük bizde, bizim içimizde. Onları biz, kendi zübüklüğümüzden yaratıyoruz. Sonra, kendi zübüklüklerimizin bir tek Zübükte birleştiğini görünce ona kızıyoruz.
– Aziz Nesin