PICT Ranks #1 Among “Best Paris Podcasts”

The podcasts of the Paris Institute for Critical Thinking (PICT) have taken the #1 spot on FeedSpot’s list of “15 Best Paris Podcasts worth listening to in 2023.” The PICT podcasts also occupy the #15 spot on FeedSpot’s global list of “30 Best Critical Thinking Podcasts.”

Billed as the “internet’s largest human-curated database of bloggers and podcasts,” FeedSpot features 250,000 active bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers across 1500 categories. The site curates its lists from among “thousands of podcasts on the web” and ranks them “by traffic, social media followers, domain authority, and freshness.” The lists featuring the PICT podcasts were published on 12 January 2023.

The PICT website is home to seven different podcast series, including our flagship series, PICT Voices, in which we talk to notable guests on timely topics; Bookaholics, in which we interview authors about their newest books and explore landmark books from the past; Dates with Death and The Last Ottoman, in which specific PICT faculty members and their guests explore particular fields of interest; the PICT Portraits series of interviews with inspiring individuals; the mini-series Let’s Get Bored; and The Object Lesson, a podcast run by the PICT Student Ambassadors.

Since their inception in 2020, PICT podcasts have gathered accolades from across the academic world, including the universities of CUNY, Harvard, Kent, Oxford, and Vigo, as well as the Foucault News Blog and the International Society of Boredom Studies. PICT podcasts are free, open-access, and entirely produced by volunteers.

We congratulate everyone on the PICT faculty and team who has contibuted their passion, expertise, and labor to this remarkable achievement, with a special thank you to Beau Davis, PICT’s audio-visual assistant, whose volunteer technical work behind the scenes makes our podcasts possible.