PICT Slashes Course Enrollment Fees

When we created the Paris Institute for Critical Thinking (PICT) back in 2018, our dream was a space in which intellectual adventurers of all backgrounds could find each other and joyfully explore topics that are all too often obscured and marginalized behind the gates of mainstream academia.

For us, this dream was never about numbers, which is why PICT is a non-profit institution under the French Loi 1901 and all of our administrative work is done by volunteers. Membership fees help us cover the institute’s running costs, while course enrollment fees aim at fair compensation for our valued instructors.

However, we have always dreamed of enabling everyone to take PICT courses regardless of their financial situation. Just as age or educational background present no obstacle to taking a PICT course, financial background shouldn’t either. The only prerequisite should be your intellectual passion and curiosity.

This is why, a year ago, we announced that we would abolish enrollment fees once we reached 1000 members, at which point membership fees would enable us to compensate our instructors while all PICT members would be able to take our courses for free. Since then, over 250 members have joined our community.

To celebrate these members’ commitment and support, we have now decided to slash our course enrollment fees by more than half for all our members. From now on, as opposed to our previous fee of 415 euros, all 18-hour courses offered by PICT will carry an enrollment fee of 185 euros.

If you are a PICT member, you can enroll in all currently advertised 18-hour courses at the new rate. If you already enrolled at the previous rate, we will refund you the difference. And if you are not a member yet, you can become one starting from only 3 euros a month and then enroll at the new rate.

We can’t wait for the day we reach our first 1000 members and all enrollment fees become a thing of the past. But in the meantime, just let us say how grateful we are to every single member of our community who is helping us get closer to that dream right now. You are the reason PICT exists.

In Solidarity,

Your PICT Team