Adaptation for Screen & Stage


A 2-day intensive workshop by the PICT Creative Writing School!
Instructors: Anton Bonnici & Nada Serhan

Most movies and plays today are not original creations but works of adaptation. Sometimes, these adaptations traverse multiple media and even genres: memoirs make it onto the screen, films get performed as plays, and novels become live action movies before turning into musicals on stage. This is how storytelling works—ever since people started writing down their orally transmitted tales, our stories have been on an endless journey from one medium to the next.

In this two-day weekend workshop, we will explore and practice the art of adaptation. We will examine some key texts to see how they have been adapted to screen and stage, and we will put our discoveries into practice by producing our own short adaptations, all in the supporting and challenging atmosphere of a group of like-minded writers. The workshop is open to novice and seasoned writers alike—no previous experience is required!

Day 1: From Prose to Stage

On the first day, we will explore how to adapt a piece of prose for live performance on stage. In the morning, we will analyze Danny Boyle’s 2011 stage production of Frankenstein to see how specific passages of the novel were reworked to fit the requirements of theatrical performance and setting. In the afternoon, we will develop our own scenes for the stage as adapted from a prose extract. The workshop will be led theatre maker Anton Bonnici, artistic director of the Paris Fringe International Festival of Performing Arts.

Day 2: From Prose to Screen

The second day will be devoted to scriptwriting. In the morning, we will cover some basic techniques of scriptwriting, with a particular focus on approaches used to render prose fiction in script form. In the afternoon, we will focus on a specific work of prose fiction—Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein—and devote our efforts to adapting it into a compelling short script. The workshop will be led by award-winning writer and short film director Nada Serhan.

Maximum enrollment: 10


Saturday-Sunday, 10:00-17:00
13-14 May 2023
7 hours each (including a lunch break)


75016, Paris

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