Artistic Resistance, Now!

Instructor: Natasha Lushetich

A one-week intensive course!

The 20th-century avant-garde was marked by a relentless quest of subversion and social critique. But in our 21st-century globalized, mediatized, anthropocenic—one could even say cataclysmic—society, things look quite different. Critique has run out of steam. Digital code has turned into law. And the key practices of thinking (understood as the creation of concepts) and care (understood as precautionary and ameliorative alike) are increasingly disabled by an all-encompassing techno-utilitarianism.

In this one-week intensive course, we will look at how digital networks shape social praxis today, and how art seeks to disarm the seemingly invincible strategies of digital subjugation to which we find ourselves exposed. In a series of interactive lectures, we will explore artistic and activist practices such as (h)activism, glitch, evidentiary realism, and obfuscation; and discuss key figures in the philosophy of technology such as Bernard Stiegler and Yuk Hui; all the while learning how to resist, rethink, and subvert the digital condition.

Maximum enrollment: 10


Fall 2023
18 hours (1 week)


75016, Paris

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