Chess Atelier (Adults)


Instructor: Stephan Schweitzer

Chess is one of the most successful games in world history. Its current rule set, unchanged for almost a thousand years, is so well-balanced and sophisticated that absolute beginners can enjoy the game right after learning the rules, and veterans can still find reward and development after a lifetime devoted to the game.

Many beginners think of chess as an extensive math problem that rewards the player who calculates the most moves in advance. However, chess is much more than that. It is an active battle of ideas with great potential for creative play, an art in which calculation only serves to prove how profound, solid, and developed a player’s ideas are. Moreover, the skills fostered by chess do not pertain to chess alone. The game invites us to deal with complex situations, identify key variables, and anticipate consequences, skills that can be applied in our careers, our relationships, and our intellectual pursuits. The patience required by chess can change our lives in positive ways, and the mental stress of the game is an excellent exercise for clear and critical thinking.

In this course, we will abandon our existing notions of chess and rediscover the game in more exciting and applicable ways. We will explore the history of chess, from its pieces to its concepts, from its strategy to its greatest masters. We will study the development of chess theory from past to present, including social and cultural factors that have influenced the game. And we will discover how the principles of chess relate to our processes of thought and philosophical decision-making. How can chess be so old and yet so widespread, so sophisticated and yet so popular? As we seek to answer these questions, we will find that chess is not simply a source of excitement and pleasure, but also a transformative force in our day-to-day lives.

Maximum enrollment: 10


Spring 2021
8 hours (4 weeks)
Exact times and dates are determined in consultation with the participants.


5 Rue des Fontaines du Temple
75003, Paris

All PICT courses are held in person.



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