Music Atelier (Children)


Instructor: Beau Davis

No matter where you are on earth, you will hear something. Every piece of matter comes with a unique tonality that can be identified, measured, and recorded. And music organizes these sounds in time, giving a soul to the universe.

Music creates a soundtrack to our lives, bringing out our true emotions. It underlines our most meaningful moments, from our first kiss to our last goodbye. It can be used as a propaganda weapon and to save countries from war. It can reflect and critique individuals, states, cultures, even the universe itself. But music is also an arrangement of tones, textures, pitches, harmony, melody, rhythm, and dynamics that can form an infinite variety of sonic information. With the right grasp of composition knowledge and music theory, you can begin to craft thoughtful pieces of music that express anything you desire.

This course gives you the theoretical and practical tools to tap into your muse and express your deepest creative desires through music. We will analyze the music that inspires you, and by understanding why and how it was made, you will develop the confidence and the know-how to do it yourself. There is no wrong answer about how music makes you feel and what sounds good to you, and together, we will combine your inspiration with the right songwriting knowledge to create your own sonic works of art.

Maximum enrollment: 10

(5-12 age range)


Spring 2021
8 hours (4 weeks)
Exact times and dates are determined in consultation with the participants.


5 Rue des Fontaines du Temple
75003, Paris

All PICT courses are held in person.



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