Writing Is Rewriting


A one-day intensive workshop designed by a Penguin Classics-published instructor!
Instructor: David Selim Sayers

The art of writing happens when pen touches paper, a spark ignites, and something starts forming, seemingly by itself, before our very eyes. But the craft of writing happens when we have a draft that needs reworking, when we reach an impasse and can’t move on. That’s where this workshop comes in: here, we discuss our ongoing writing projects, give feedback on each other’s drafts, edit the parts that need work, and take that all-important next step forward, all in a supportive atmosphere of like-minded writers.

The workshop is led by David Selim Sayers, editor-at-large of the PICT website, whose work has been published by Bloomsbury and Penguin Classics and reviewed in global media from International Affairs to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. David also leads PICT’s Creative Writing Workshop (Nonfiction) together with Amal Chatterjee, Assistant Director of Creative Writing at the University of Oxford.

Note: This workshop is specifically intended for the discussion and development of work in progress.

Maximum enrollment: 4


Sunday, 10:00-17:00
22 October 2023
7 hours (including a lunch break)


75016, Paris

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