PICT Roadmap

PICT creates open access resources!

PICT provides free and public resources for a global, critical community:

  • PICT Public Lectures
  • PICT Podcasts
  • PICT Blogs
  • dePICTions, PICT's own critical journal
  • At least 1 free PICT course, workshop, or tour per semester for members
1000 members
PICT goes totally free!

PICT abolishes enrollment fees, making its entire semesterly academic program free for members:

  • 4 eighteen-hour courses
  • 1 two-day creative writing workshop
  • 1 one-day creative writing workshop
  • 3 eight-hour children’s workshops
  • 2 three-hour scholarly walking tours
  • Instructors compensated via membership contributions rather than enrollment fees
2000 members
PICT compensates content providers!

PICT expands its free academic program while launching a compensation scheme for content providers:

  • 1 additional eighteen-hour course
  • 2 additional three-hour scholarly tours
  • PICT Aegean Summer School
  • Compensation for PICT writers
  • Compensation for PICT public lecturers
  • Research fund for PICT faculty members
3000 members
PICT introduces fellowships and prizes!

PICT expands its free academic program while launching global fellowships and prizes open to all applicants:

  • 2 additional eighteen-hour courses
  • 1 additional one-day creative writing workshop
  • dePICTions Global Essay Prize
  • PICT Global Research Fellowships