PICT Roadmap

At the beginning…

PICT creates open access resources!

PICT provides free and public resources for a global, critical community:

  • PICT Public Lectures
  • PICT Podcasts
  • PICT Blogs
  • dePICTions, PICT’s own critical journal
  • At least 1 free PICT course, workshop, or tour per semester for members

At present (100+ paying members)…

PICT abolishes most enrollment fees!
PICT makes its in-person Arts & Humanities Program completely free for members:

  • Courses in the Humanities and Arts
  • Children’s Ateliers in Chess, Drawing, and Music
  • PICT Tours

Once we’ve reached 250 paying members…

PICT abolishes remaining enrollment fees!
PICT makes its in-person Creative Writing and Summer Schools completely free for members:

  • Creative Writing courses in Fiction, Poetry, Theatre, Screenwriting, Nonfiction, etc.
  • All instructors compensated via membership contributions rather than enrollment fees

Once we’ve reached 500 paying members…

PICT introduces fellowships and prizes!

PICT launches global fellowships and prizes open to all applicants:

  • dePICTions Global Essay Prize
  • PICT Global Research Fellowships
  • PICT Summer Schools