Salamis Aysegul Sentug

SALAMIS AYSEGUL SENTUG is a writer, poet, and educator from Cyprus. Her research focuses on the contemporary novel, the colonial history of Cyprus, performance philosophy, philosophy of art, and philosophy of literature.

Salamis has served as Assistant Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Kent (2017-19) and Lecturer in Philosophy at the British University of Nicosia, Cyprus (2015-16). Having received a B.A. in Philosophy from Bilkent University (Turkey), Salamis went on to complete an M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Dundee and an M.A. in Philosophy of Art and Literature at the University of Kent. Still at Kent, she is currently working on her Ph.D., for which she is collecting stories from villagers throughout Cyprus while also teaching creative writing workshops with a focus on eco-stories. Salamis’ published work includes short stories, poetry, travelogues, and scholarly articles in English and Turkish, with some works also translated into other languages. In 2018, her short story “Başıbozuk” won the Short Story Competition of the Cyprus Writers’ Association.

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