Student Ambassador Program

The PICT Student Ambassadors offer an entirely student-run platform for all people studying in higher education to engage with each other, create intellectual content, develop ideas and projects, and share these with the world. Together, we seek to reimagine the role of students within and beyond the university, breaking down the limits—hierarchical, geographical, disciplinary, and otherwise—that are imposed on us in the formal landscape of higher education.

The Thinking Cap

Our blog, The Thinking Cap, serves as the voice of our global student community. Here, a rotating cast of PICT Student Ambassadors tackle contemporary issues in higher education; place them in historical, sociopolitical, or philosophical context; and put them up for public debate.

The Object Lesson

Our podcast series, The Object Lesson, features dialogues between PICT Student Ambassadors and thinkers, artists, and activists from around the world. Our aim is to offer provocative, intergenerational perspectives on a range of topics from philosophy to politics and aesthetics.

Our History & Our Team

The Student Ambassador concept was conceived in early 2020 by Emily Laurent-Monaghan, an MA student inspired by PICT’s international, egalitarian, and open-access approach to public education. With co-director Elcin Bahceci joining the team in early 2021, we officially launched our activities in May 2021. At present, there are 35 PICT Student Ambassadors all over the world. To find out more about our activities, or to inquire about joining us, please contact one of our co-directors!

Elcin Bahceci


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Emily Laurent-Monaghan


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