PICT Courses

“Your course is wonderful. The class size was small and intimate so I received a lot of individual attention for all of my questions and contributions. I wish I could stop everything else I’m doing and just participate in your classes!” 

-34, Engineer

“Thanks to you, I learned how to read a philosophical text. This skill will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!”

-25, Graduate student

“The classes were very interesting and I learned a lot, thank you very much for that.”

-69, Retiree

“Thank you again for the wonderful sessions as well as your passionate and inspiring teaching style!”

-51, Author

“Thanks so much for making this such a great class. I enjoyed everything about the sessions.”

-45, University professor

“We both want to thank you for an excellent course. What a stimulating way to spend three hours a week! We hope to see you again at other courses in the future.” 

– 29 and 27, Medical doctors


PICT Creative Writing Program

“In my ten years in Paris this is definitely one of the best things I’ve tried. Thank you to Amal and Jane for coaxing such a wonderful variety of poems and stories out of everyone and thank you to everyone for being so supportive and constructive.”

-42, Author

“What a great weekend!”

-35, Advertising

“The workshop had a wonderful ambience and it was fascinating to hear everything that came out of your wonderful prompts, Amal and Jane. It felt amazing to be in such stimulating and supportive company.”

-67, Retiree

“I had such a wonderful time!  Thank you, Amal and Jane, for your helpful guidance and all of you for sharing your thoughtful, colorful and imaginative work!  You have inspired and encouraged me on this new journey of writing.”

-27, Graduate student

“Thank you so much for running such an excellent workshop. It was successful on every level–stimulating and insightful teaching, productive and challenging exercises. Many thanks to you both. And also to my co-participants; I learned so much from everyone’s input and all the discussions, and I really enjoyed the time we spent together.”

-47, Poet