Drawing Atelier (Children)


Instructor: Ambar Velasco

Art is not only about beauty but also about symbols and communication. It is, in fact, a universal language that can transmit all sorts of ideas, inviting the viewer to deep reflection. Used mostly in an instrumental way by early mankind, art still retains its practical usefulness in modern life when mastered to a certain technical degree. Mastered to the highest degree, the most meaningful kind of abstract communication can be gracefully executed to the artist’s and viewer’s delight.

Learning to draw is an explorative process that involves perception and expression alike. In this course, children will train to see in an artistic and aesthetic way, a way that does not come naturally to the average person without much practice and exposure to visual art. They will exercise their eyes with activities that are designed to be imaginative and, above all, consistent. In expressing what they see through the basic drawing techniques, the children will familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of drawing such as proportion, perspective, light, and shade. Observing and analyzing while drawing at the same time, they will cultivate their awareness of the interrelationship between subject and object.

Each class will introduce the children to different media, materials, and tools, emboldening them to experiment and reinforcing the idea that art can be produced in infinite ways. Throughout, the course will encourage the children to follow their personal inclinations in hopes of creating their own unique style.

Maximum enrollment: 10

(5-12 age range)


Sundays, 12:00 – 14:00
7 – 28 November
8 hours (4 weeks)


5 Rue des Fontaines du Temple
75003, Paris

All PICT courses are held in person.



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