Andalusian Visions Book Event

On 1 July 2023, a very special PICT book event brought together photographer and filmmaker Cyril Caine, poet Stuart Dischell, and translator and composer Laurent Estoppey to celebrate the release of their collaborative book, Andalusian Visions (Unicorn Press, 2023). Moderated by Stephanie Papa, the free and public event was held at the Mairie de Paris Centre – Site Marais.

Much more than a mere book talk, the event consisted of a layered multimedia experience that began with Stuart Dischell performing the poem he had composed for the book. The reading was followed by Laurent Estoppey, who read his French translation of Dischell’s poem accompanied by a live performance of his musical contribution to the book. The experience concluded with Cyril Caine, the photographer of the book, screening a short film he had shot to accompany the project.

All contributions derived from the theme of the desert, the core inspiration animating Andalusian Visions. As the poetic, musical, and visual layers of the project built on each other step by step, the audience became immersed in a unique art performance that both presented the book and went far beyond it, lending a new dimension to the entire project.

The event concluded with a Q&A session led by poet and PICT faculty member Stephanie Papa, who drew out the contributors on the various challenges and delights offered by a collaborative project such as Andalusian Visions. In her task, Stephanie was gently assisted by Ruben, the newest addition to the PICT family. Of course, audience members were also given the opportunity to ask their own questions and obtain signed copies of Andalusian Visions.

We would like to thank Cyril, Stuart, and Laurent for their memorable performances, Stephanie and Ruben for the marvelous moderation, and all participants who made this final PICT event of Spring 2023 an afternoon to remember!

For a podcast interview with Stuart Dischell, conducted by Stephanie Papa, check out Bookaholics #15: The Lookout Man (YouTube) (SoundCloud). For a sample of Stuart’s poetry, check out Lines at the End of the Year (The Faculty Lounge).