Beau Davis

BEAU DAVIS is Audio-visual Assistant at PICT. His main areas of interest are music (performing, composing, and teaching), film, and video game / sound design.

After a year of studying Sound Engineering at Berklee College of Music, Beau moved to LA, taking up a position as software/hardware engineer at Aftermaster Studios, jointly owned by Larry Ryckman and Justin Timberlake (2013-16). At Aftermaster, Beau worked as assistant engineer for Shelly Yakus, former vice president of A&M Studios, and participated in the production of two grammy-nominated projects. During the same time, Beau also served as production assistant for camera operator Kevin McGill. His next position was as assistant engineer at East West Studios (2016-17). Before moving to Paris in 2019, Beau spent two years teaching, developing curricula, and managing student affairs at ICON Collective, the world’s leading school of electronic music production (2017-19).

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