Let’s Get Bored

A Four-Part Journey to the Heart of Boredom by Salamis Aysegul Sentug

Coronavirus has given us plenty of time to ourselves. One consequence is that people around the world have experienced a staggering amount of boredom. This podcast miniseries examines the very nature of this state of mind.

Everyone feels boredom, but do we all understand the same thing by it? Do we all suffer from the same kind of boredom? Do different cultures define boredom in different ways? And what about different historical periods? Is boredom necessarily a bad thing, perhaps even immoral? Or can we use boredom as a means to a better end? Can we learn something from this feeling? And what are the limits of the human capacity for boredom?

In Let’s Get Bored, we seek answers to these timely questions. Our first episode focuses on the nature, history, and typologies of boredom. The second episode explores philosophical perspectives on the issue. In the third episode, we look at boredom in art. And the final episode examines some of the most bored characters in literature.

If boredom is inevitable, let’s get on with it already—let’s get bored!