PICT Podcasts come to SoundCloud!

Thanks to the support of our community, PICT continues to grow!

The PICT family of podcasts was founded in Spring 2020 to support the PICT community in the face of lockdowns around the world. Recorded on a volunteer basis by PICT faculty members, our various podcasts were met with a warm reception, with thousands of you tuning in to them on the PICT YouTube channel, and favorable reviews on blogs by institutions such as Oxford and Harvard.

Now, thanks to the generous financial support of our PICT members, we are making all PICT podcasts available on SoundCloud, one of the largest audio streaming services worldwide. In the coming days, you will also be able to access them on other platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify via RSS. Please don’t forget to follow our SoundCloud page for updates and all the newest podcasts!

In these distressing days when it’s hard for us to come together face to face, we must do more than ever to remind each other of our presence and support. We thank you for helping us to be there for you, and look forward to seeing you again soon!

PICT SoundCloud

In Solidarity,

Your PICT Team

Our special thanks go out to PICT audio-visual assistant Beau Davis, whose volunteer work, passion, and dedication make our podcast outreach possible.