Saramago Conference Program Announced

The full program of the VII International José Saramago Conference, co-organized by PICT and hosted by the University of Vigo from 26 to 29 October 2022, has been announced.

Entitled “José Saramago’s Philosophical and Socio-Political Heritage,” the conference takes its theme from the book Saramago’s Philosophical Heritage, co-edited by PICT faculty members Carlo Salzani and Kristof K.P. Vanhoutte in 2018. Both Carlo and Kristof will deliver keynote speeches during the conference.

As the conference announces, “Saramago’s work deals with the most pressing issues of the world today: from gender equality, environmentalism, speciesism vs. anti-speciesism, consumerism vs. anti-consumerism, culturalism vs. anti-culturalism to capitalism and the neoliberal economy. That is why his work provides an excellent starting point for the critical examination of our globalised society and the cultures and economic and political structures of the West, which have been affected by ongoing crises in recent times.”

The full conference program can be found here.