Anglophone Bookstore Tour with Parisian School

On Monday, 19 June 2023, The Paris Institute for Critical Thinking (PICT) organized two Anglophone Bookstore Tours in the Latin Quarter, in collaboration with the Notre-Dame International High School in Verneuil-sur-Seine.

At a length of 2 hours each, the tours introduced Notre-Dame students to the history of Anglophone writing and publishing in interwar Paris, highlighting key figures such as Sylvia Beach and Ernest Hemingway and visiting some of the best places to buy English books in Paris today. The tours were led by PICT faculty member David Selim Sayers.

We would like to thank Anton Bonnici for making this great collaboration possible, and look forward to our next tours with the Notre-Dame International High School, already scheduled for Spring 2024. If you are an Anglophone or bilingual school in the greater Paris area and would like to explore a similar collaboration with PICT, please contact us directly at